Deliver personalized, rich communication with the Viber Bot API

Send verified and personalized engagement messages to 1.1 Billion active Viber users

viber bot API
9 Billion+

messages per month


brands across 20+ countries

300 Billion+

messages delivered to date

Trusted by leading brands


Viber Features and Capabilities

  • Branded interactive business messaging

    Get recognized with a verified business account on Viber and create a branded experience for your customers by sharing verified updates,reminders, and alerts with interactive two-way messaging

  • Offer omnichannel messaging with SMS failover

    Offer businesses additional IP messaging channels with a fallback on SMS to ensure messages are delivered in real-time

  • Enable secure messaging with Rich Media options

    Send encrypted rich media communications including images, videos, CTAs and URLs providing a streamlined conversation to boost customer engagement

  • Cost-efficient personalized long messages

    Cost-efficient personalized long messages

    With Viber Business Messaging, you only pay for delivered messages making it a highly cost-effective channel using up to 1,000 characters. Offer personalized business communication going past the 160-character limit SMS offers and connect with a global user base of 1.1 billion

  • Out-of-the-box integrations with user preference management

    Out-of-the-box integrations with user preference management

    Integrate the Viber API into your existing system and manage all your messages from a unified platform where your team can access conversation history, customer profiles, message templates, and more to provide personalized customer communication

  • Engagement analytics and insight with omnichannel customer support dashboard

    Engagement analytics and insight with omnichannel customer support dashboard

    Track, monitor and improve user interactions with analytics and insights on our unified omnichannel customer support dashboard to create better and more targeted campaigns


  • Alerts and notification

    Send one-way alerts and notifications, initiate conversations with your customers to promote your brand and send useful, timely notifications

  • Targeted campaigns with high conversion rates

    Create custom personalized offers using the right combination of digital and personal interaction, improve customer engagement and loyalty while reducing churn leading to higher profits

  • Seamless Customer support with live agent handover

    Offer 24/7 support to your customers using chatbots to answer FAQs directly on Viber, with the option to transfer to live agents without losing conversation history or context and drastically reducing support costs & wait time

  • Information sharing using industry-ready Bots

    Industry-specific Viber chat bots enable you to streamline communication and engage with your audience with automated conversations that can be easily integrated with your CRM, contact centre, and other business tools

  • Sales assistance

    With intelligent product recommendations, businesses can offer personalized sales assistance to their customers and with the help of interactive buttons and rich media, businesses can share direct purchase CTAs for better conversations, lead generation and sales engagement opportunities

  • Appointment scheduling

    Gather information from customers like preferred date and time to arrange and schedule appointments and meetings on Viber, thereby increasing customer interactions and achieving significant growth in meeting requests and confirmations

  • Personalized offers

    Engage with your customers like never before with personalized offers on Viber using interactive buttons, rich media messaging, and automated chatbot workflows

  • Verify suspicious transactions

    Identify potentially fraudulent activities and ask customers to confirm those transactions on Viber and trigger messaging via our Messaging API from the core banking or CRM system, as they help spot any suspicious purchasing activity the end-user might not be aware of