Templates FAQ

A WhatsApp template for messaging allows a business user to send messages to others in a similar format multiple times once they have opted in to that user. Apart from the opt-in, the other thing that you need is to submit the proposed template to WhatsApp for their approval.

WhatsApp insists on certain kinds of messaging and does a thorough review of the submitted template before approving. Once this approval is in place, you can use the template multiple times to send messages to recipients who have already opted in earlier. It makes marketing and promotional messaging very convenient.

A business owner can follow some simple steps before creating a message template. Templates can be created for text messages using SMS or for email messages. A business owner can even create templates for WhatsApp advertising messages sample.  In most cases, you can create such templates from the ‘Settings’ of the tool.

Once the template begins to be typed out, a character/word counter usually appears, to tell the creator how many characters/words are left. Once the creator is satisfied, they need to save and provide a name, like ‘Welcome message’ or ‘Special Offer’ or ‘Free Webinar’ etc., and the template is ready for use.

Let’s say you run a business and want to create a WhatsApp business greeting message example.  If you have a WhatsApp business account, you need to open the Business Manager and click ‘Message Templates.’ The tool will ask you to select the message category and your preferred language.

You will also need to provide a name for the template you are creating. The next step is for you to type out the template message and then submit it. Once done, the WhatsApp team critically reviews it to check if your message adheres to all their guidelines or not. They usually respond within 48 hours, and once your template gets approved, you can send your business greeting or the proposed theme of your template.

Before you search for WhatsApp templates, you must know about the types of templates allowed by WhatsApp. One type is a user-requested message that has been sent by a user to whom you need to send a standardized response. The second type is a follow-up message sent from your side to enquire about the status of a previous conversation that your business had with that user. The templates you can create could be either CTA (call to action) or Quick Reply. Once you are sure of what you want, you can use any of our ready-to-use templates or design your personalized template to send for review.

You can use any message template over and again to reach a large number of people. But you need to word such messages carefully to make the most impact and ensure a good return on your investment and effort. Here are two WhatsApp business greeting message examples for two different scenarios:

  • Thank you for your inquiry on our website! We will get back to you shortly.
  • We haven’t heard from you for some time. Do you know we have an offer of a flat 50% off on all of our products?