Create advanced Conversational Experiences with the Messaging API

An IP Messaging Channel that works on any device. No app download needed

messaging API

Gupshup Messaging is a messaging channel that enables rich and advanced conversational experiences. Gupshup Messaging offers far more features and flexibility compared to other messaging channels. It works on every device without needing a new app download. Gupshup Messaging comes in 2 flavours and works on every device globally

Expand the reach of conversational messaging to every mobile user worldwide

Supports rich media formats including audio, video, documents, and more

Chat surface is based on PWA technology that works on every device globally

Availability of APIs to integrate customer-support tools or automated chatbots

Structured cards with flexible layout and 1-click payment integration

Chat surface is accessed via link-click or QR-code-scan

Secure features such as end-to-end encryption and time-bound disappearing messages



  • Easy Integrations

    Chat surface is accessed via link-click or QR-code-scan

  • Interactive Messaging

    Convert 1-way messages into 2-way conversations, with the ability to gather user data

  • Enhanced Interactions

    Send messages with rich media, structured cards and interactive buttons

  • 1-click Payment Integration

    Integrated payment systems enable a one-click payment experience

  • Add Customisation

    Businesses can add or customise their branding on the chat surface

Industry Solutions

  • Restaurants


    Digitize the customer experience to directly receive orders, payments, manage home delivery and marketing through messaging-based marketing tools

  • Retail


    An offline to online solution to digitize every aspect of operations, including marketing, commerce and support

  • Fintech


    Leverage Advanced Messaging APIs and Conversational AI to make financial journeys smoother for Lending, EMI Collection, KYC and more

  • Automobile


    Digital conversational solutions for automobile companies powered by chatbots

Gupshup Messaging Use Cases

  • BlueStar


    Learn all about BlueStar, its latest projects and product offerings

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  • Adani Ports

    Adani Ports

    Scan a QR code to know Adani Ports latest projects and developments, and its services

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  • Micromax


    ‘Talk to Rahul’ aka Micromax’s bot to know more about the latest product releases, updates, consumer responses and Q&A

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  • London Bubble Co

    London Bubble Co

    Browse your favourite restaurant’s digital menu, get more discounts and order directly via scanning a Code

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  • Jamie's Pizzeria

    Jamie's Pizzeria

    Find out the latest combos and offers, visit the site, or place your order, from the comforts of a QR code

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