Build Intelligent Bots, deploy on any messaging channel

Use NLP tools, AI models and industry templates in a plug-n-play mode

Conversation Bot Platfom

Gupshup Bot platform enables businesses to build intelligent chatbots and voice assistants that can be built once and deployed across 30+ channels.

Gupshup was named by Hacker Noon as one of the 10 best AI-powered enterprise chatbot builders in the world for 2021

Bot building tools

  • No-code tools

    No-code tools

    Choose from a list of pre-built bot templates, customize its content and instantly publish it. Launch a fully functional fintech bot in minutes.

  • Low-code tools

    Low-code tools

    With Flow builder, Create your conversation flow with a graphical editor. Create detailed and advanced conversational bots using just point-and-click tools

  • Yo-code Tools

    Yo-code Tools

    Scripting tools for modeling dialog; or link with tools like Dialogflow and Rasa.

Pre-trained AI models, modules and APIs

  • AI language models

    AI language models

    Fine-tuned by training on domain-specific vocabulary AI pipeline is standardized and reusable across industry domains

  • Enterprise bots

    Enterprise bots

    Conversational dialog scripts are pre-built, some customization possible is around personality, tone, verbosity, etc

  • NLP models

    NLP models

    Only backend integration is required; conversational front-end is out-of-the-box, and NLP processes natural language queries

  • Rich documentation

    Rich documentation

    Developers can create documentation with details about each feature and inline documentation to help develop the bots for use cases

Pre-built Industry-specific AI modules

  • Banking

    Give KYC, collections, branch locator, card finder, loan finder, payment options to the customers

  • Marketing

    Make lead gen, offer selection, customer feedback possible for the brand

  • Ecommerce

    Leave the communication for package tracking, delivery rescheduling, return to the bot

  • Travel

    Hotel changes, flight upgrades, local attractions made easy with AI-enabled bots

On-device bot store and Super bot for discovery

  • Easy search

    Bot store as the one place to search and discover enterprise bots

  • Seamless transition

    Ability to seamlessly transition to individual bots/conversational experiences

  • Super Bot

    Serves as the equivalent of a search engine; a starting point for conversational experiences

  • Leverage AI

    Understand user queries and recommend relevant bots

Cloud-based Flow Builder and Integrated Developer Environment (IDE)

  • Add NLP and AI modules to the bot using a rich toolset
  • The platform maintains logs, data and analytics
  • Monitor the health and changes on the bot
  • Provides details on flow builder and helps with a Gupshup proxy bot
  • Helps with bot configuration and provides a persistent menu
  • Bot store and Super bot to drive discovery
  • Interbot for advanced, enterprise-grade bots
  • On-device AI capabilities for message analysis
  • On-device personalization to enhance all bots

Deploy on 30+ messaging channels

  • WhatsApp for Business

    WhatsApp for Business

  • Instagram


  • Google Assistant

    Google Assistant

  • Hangouts Chat

    Hangouts Chat

  • PubNub


  • Slack


  • Twitter


  • Facebook Messenger

    Facebook Messenger

  • Workplace


  • Twilio SMS

    Twilio SMS

  • Telegram


  • Kik


  • Line


  • Cisco Webex Teams

    Cisco Webex Teams

  • SMS Gupshup

    SMS Gupshup

  • Smooch


  • Viber


  • Web Widget

    Web Widget

  • Gupshup Messaging Widget

    Gupshup Messaging Widget

  • Passthrough


  • InterBot


Develop and integrate chatbots to make your brand conversational

  • Build user-friendly chatbots and voice assistants

  • Build once and deploy across 30+ channels

  • Brands can deliver personalized engagement and support

  • Brands can connect with customers at scale

  • Facilitates seamless and automated communications between brands and customers

  • Interact via text, voice or in multiple languages