Make conversations flow with AI purpose-built for your domain

Virtual assistants, digital assistants, chatbots, voicebots, conversational AI. No matter the name, deliver a human-like, interactive customer experience on 30+ messaging channels

AI conversational bot for a retail business showcasing strong human-like communication skills
Conversational AI Bot chat with natural language understanding, intent matching and emotion detection

Infer what the user is trying to convey

Decipher free text or natural speech based queries using pre-trained Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine

top wave
Personalized Q&A generation by brands for their customers to ask the Conversational AI chatbot

Build human-like agents with a no-code platform

Get tweet sized FAQs automatically by ingesting product descriptions, images, blogs and T&Cs

Bottom Wave
Human-like responses and intent-driven answers to customer queries by the conversational AI chatbot

Rich responses that do not feel robotic

Aid decision making with relevant product recommendations and a search-like conversational response

Why do 45,000+ brands love us?

  • 300+ intents for your vertical

    300+ intents for your vertical

    Ready to use intent library for banking, financial services and retail

  • Integrate with 1000+ third party apps

    Integrate with 1000+ third party apps

    Integrate AI with leading CRMs, commerce platforms, support tools, ERPs, payment gateways and more

  • Contact center experience

    Contact center experience

    Leverage AI to automate inbound call answering, and save on operations cost

  • AI on 30+ channels

    AI on 30+ channels

    Go truly omnichannel with AI on 30+ messaging, voice, and video channels

  • No-code bot studio

    No-code bot studio

    Build and tweak your journeys with a self-serve, drag and drop journey builder

  • Rapid deployment

    Rapid deployment

    Go-live in shortest time, with best-in-class 93% out-of-the-box AI accuracy

Domain specific AI for multiple industries

Conversational AI chatbot capabilities being showcased for a finance company offering insurance

Make online finance easy with AI and 150+ finance intents that automate routine customer interactions across banking, lending, insurance and more - securely and at scale.

Conversational AI chatbot capabilities being showcased for a finance company offering insurance


Global Online Director, Akris

“AskSid/ Gupshup is special for its high AI and ML competency and has strong understanding of the fashion retail business.

We get deep insights on customer behavior and decision-making process, and can provide much better service.”

Deepak Sharma
Deepak Sharma
Chief Digital Officer, Kotak Mahindra Bank

“By leveraging the power of conversational AI, the Keya chatbot is available across digital channels such as the Kotak website, internet banking, 811 and the Kotak mobile app”

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