Streamline customer engagement by integrating WhatsApp and other channels with your E-commerce, CRM, Marketing, support tools

With over 1000 pre-built integrations and connectors, build an engaging customer experience across channels.


Explore how unifying WhatsApp & Zoho CRM increases customer engagement

Boost sales by sending WhatsApp messages directly through Zoho CRM, powered by Gupshup

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Built-in plugins to seamlessly integrate your cloud platform with messaging apps

  • Marketing

    Trigger automatic campaigns using Whatsapp by sending and receiving rich media and attachments in the CRM

  • CRM

    Easy personalization, user targeting and campaign analysis across channels on your most loved marketing automation platform

  • Others

    Amplify your eCommerce reach and sales, enhance the shopping experience and automate workflows with ease

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Connect your messaging channel to any software with a powerful no-code platform

Our powerful set of integrations help your brand to easily integrate existing systems and deliver outstanding customer experience

Automate your work with zero or no-code workflows using our efficient and reliable pre-built journeys

Enable faster time-to-market with our top-notch connectors and a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI)

Explore 1000+ integrations
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Initiate conversations, nurture leads directly from CRM

Initiate conversations, nurture leads directly from CRM

  • Engage your customers on WhatsApp or any other channel right from your CRM workflows
  • Send automated WhatsApp messages whenever a CRM event is triggered
  • Save templates for reuse & send tailored messages at scale
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Streamline customer communication directly from your helpdesk tool

Streamline customer communication directly from your helpdesk tool

  • Notify your customers through messaging on ticket creation and status updates in your customer support tool
  • Allow agents to personalize automated messages and improve the customer experience
  • Understand CSAT by triggering surveys from the support tool over WhatsApp
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Drive sales with one-click commerce integrations

Drive sales with
one-click commerce integrations

  • Trigger cart recovery messages on WhatsApp and nudge customers to complete the purchase
  • Integrate with your Shopify Store and import entire catalog on WhatsApp
  • Provide instant buying support and personalized guidance

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