Turn users into loyal customers with Instagram DM automation

Leverage Instagram Messenger API and chatbots to grow sales, provide 1:1 support and improve engagement on the most popular social media app

instagram messenger API
Instagram chatbot

Increase marketing ROI
with 2-way conversations

  • Run automated click-to-chat ads, capture leads and nurture prospects from the moment of discovery
  • Aid decision-making by answering product queries on sponsored posts and stories instantly
  • Improve posts reach by integrating automated
    messaging into campaigns and contests
top wave
Instagram chatbot

Grow sales by making
commerce conversational

  • Save sales bandwidth with automated upsell,
    cross-sell recommendations and pre-built answers
  • Convert intent into purchases by leveraging rich templates and informative, engaging carousels
  • Arrest drop-offs due to redirection by enabling
    purchases and payments within Instagram DMs
Bottom Wave
Instagram chatbot

Improve CSAT with instant
support within Instagram

  • Offer post-purchase support, order tracking, handle return requests and live agent handover on Instagram itself
  • Respond to public post comments and story mentions with private replies
  • Reduce customer wait time and optimize costs by upgrading Instagram DMs with support chatbots
  • 1.3 B

    People actively use Instagram every month

  • 83%

    Users discover products & services on Instagram

  • 90%

    of Instagram users follow at least one business

  • 130 Mn

    Users tap on shopping posts every month

Unmatched capabilities

  • Tailored & pre-built journeys

    Tailored & pre-built journeys

    Get started quickly with action-based conversational automations

  • Multi-lingual Support

    Multi-lingual Support

    Build a stronger bond with customers by conversing in the language of their choice

  • Rapid onboarding

    Rapid onboarding

    Fast-track the tedious groundwork, verification hassles and security approvals

  • Agent assist support

    Agent assist support

    Facilitate seamless AI chatbot to live agent transfer in real-time

  • Conversational AI & NLP

    Conversational AI & NLP

    Deliver advanced, human- like conversational experience

  • 360° Analytics

    360° Analytics

    Get insights into trending topics, reasons for drop-offs, conversational funnels etc.

Instagram chatbot features to attract, convert and engage


Use suggested questions and canned responses to break the ice and aid navigation

Start conversations with ice breakers

Integrate quickly with apps and platforms you already use to create powerful solutions

Initiate conversations and nurture leads directly from CRM. Automate order tracking, notifications, alerts, and customer feedback.

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